We provide comprehensive support to operators of small wastewater treatment systems. Maintenance of small wastewater treatment systems by specialized companies is prescribed by the municipal water authorities and must be carried out in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 12566. We first earned certification as a certified specialized company in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) in 1996 and have maintained our certification to date. Continuous training and regular audits by independent testing institutes ensure that we continue to meet our own high standards for quality and service for small wastewater treatment systems. We invite you to learn more about our services for small wastewater treatment system operators.


  • Certified specialized company according to the German Water Resources Act (WHG)
  • Implementation according to the DIN EN 12566 standard
  • Full inspection of the entire small wastewater treatment system
  • For all discharge classes and plant ages
  • Documentation and maintenance report for quality assurance
  • Professional emptying and cleaning
  • Semi-annual maintenance (required for most systems)
  • Leak testing according to DIN EN 12566
  • Laboratory analysis of wastewater quality
  • Repair of technical equipment
  • Dimensioning, design and sales of new plants or retrofitting


The costs for sludge disposal and its recycling depend on the amount of material to be disposed of or on the dimensions of the small wastewater treatment system, as well as on what is defined in the maintenance contract. Please contact us for more information.


As a certified maintenance company for small wastewater treatment systems in the Upper Palatinate, we offer both proper inspection (maintenance and inspection of technical equipment) and repair. For the maintenance of small wastewater treatment systems, we conclude a maintenance contract with the operator that regulates the maintenance and repair of the small wastewater treatment system as well as the disposal. In line with applicable regulations, small wastewater treatment systems are serviced twice a year.


For safe and efficient operation of your small wastewater treatment system, it is advisable to hire a reliable and knowledgeable company from the region to service your plant twice a year according to the regulations. We are a certified specialized company according to the German Water Resources Act (WHG), and we perform inspections in line with the European standard DIN EN 12566.

Among other things, we inspect the electrical equipment in your small wastewater treatment system, the aeration, pumps, filters and compressors, and we handle the quick installation of spare or wear parts. Your wastewater sample is tested in our in-house laboratory and is likewise included in our standard service. The collected and required measurement results are documented in a maintenance report.