About us

Kraus Umwelttechnik is a family-owned company based in Vohenstrauß, in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region. The company was founded in 1985 and has been owner-operated ever since. More than a dozen employees work hard every day to ensure that our commercial, industrial and municipal customers receive fast, professional and, above all, friendly service. In our specialized fields – waste disposal engineering, bioenergy engineering and municipal engineering – we handle every challenge with know-how and high-tech equipment.


For us, technical environmental protection means supporting our commercial, industrial and municipal clients in the sustainable disposal and recycling of municipal and industrial wastewater and helping to significantly reduce environmental pollution.

But we start a step before that by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions with new technologies, such as by building plants for drying and dewatering wastewater sludge. In addition, we use techniques for the effective use of renewable energies and develop environmental engineering concepts that are precisely suited to the respective operator and matched to the requirements.


As a highly specialized waste management company for sewage sludge treatment, sewer and sump pit cleaning, separator service, small sewage treatment plants, de-sludging of water bodies, and plant engineering for the drying and dewatering of all types of wastewater sludge, we look back with pride on our company history, which is rich in tradition. At the same time, we are looking forward to the future, as technical environmental protection is becoming an increasingly important part of our business. We are especially excited here about using new, effective technologies and sustainable solutions for our customers.


Foundation of our regional disposal company for sewer and pit cleaning as well as hazardous waste transport.

In the same year we acquired company premises with an office and workshop in Waldthurn.


Development, design and construction of our first mobile sludge dewatering plant for municipal sewage waste.


New construction of our headquarters in the industrial area Vohenstrauß East.


Development, design and construction of our own sewer cleaning and suction vehicle bodies.


Certification as a specialist company according to WHG (Water Resources Act), as well as the inclusion of the maintenance of small sewage treatment plants in our range of services.


Start of planning for our solar sewage sludge drying plant SAWA in Eslarn.


Start of the approval process for the sewage sludge drying plant according to the Federal Immission Control Act with public participation.


Commissioning of the SAWA drying system, as well as European patent application: Process for the production of large-area underfloor heating - granted in 2016.


Entry of the "Junior" Patrick Kraus as a mechanical engineer.


Inspection, maintenance and repair of light liquid separators according to DIN 1999-100 and grease separators according to EN 1825 DIN 404-100 as well as leak tests of containers and pipelines. Entry of the "Junior" Bianka Kraus as a tax consultant.


Planning of the expansion of our company and office building, as well as entry of the "Junior" Dominik Kraus as a mechanical engineer.


Expansion of the SAWA drying plant (doubling the drying capacity) and commissioning of another mobile sludge dewatering plant for the service sector.


Assuance of the building permit and application for the European patent for drying systems for biomass and sludge – granted in 2015. Start of construction of the drying system SAWA.