The dewatering and drying of wastewater sludge are complex processes. Over our decades of experience we have gained the capability to treat any kind of sludge. Our in-house team designs each of our plants for the customer’s application and tailors it to the corresponding requirements. Construction of such plants involves not only combining components but also optimizing the interaction of all process steps. Through the use of advanced measuring, regulating and control technology, these plants can be operated partially or fully autonomously.


  • Individual operator concepts for each application
  • Complete solution for any type of wastewater sludge
  • Use of high-quality technical components
  • Intelligent measuring, regulating and control technology
  • Mobile or stationary use / compact design / improved energy efficiency
  • High throughput rates with reduced energy consumption
  • High dry substance and separation efficiency with minimal polymer consumption
  • Autonomous control of the plant in automatic mode
  • Remote access and automation allow personnel expenditures to be reduced


We call our drying plants for wastewater sludge and biomass SAWA, which stands for solar drying plants for biomass, waste heat recovery, heat recovery and exhaust air treatment.

  • Individual plant construction according to your requirements
  • Consulting, design and construction from a single source
  • For any type of wastewater sludge and biomass
  • Use of high-quality technical components
  • Intelligent measuring, regulating and control technology
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • An expert report found CO2 emissions were cut by 98.9%
  • Semi-autonomous or fully autonomous operation possible


Our plants for sewage sludge dewatering and drying are developed by us in-house and are continuously updated with the latest technology. We believe that efficient and economical solutions for the use of sewage sludge will become increasingly important in the future. We were granted European patent protection for our drying equipment in 2015. One year later, our “process for the production of large-scale soil heaters” was also patented throughout Europe.

Customized solutions – completely aligned with individual requirements – are an essential part of our plant engineering. Along with proven technologies and optimized processing procedures, we also provide efficient exhaust air treatment. We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We will work together with you to develop the solution that best suits your needs.